Foliar feeding

The application of foliar nutrition has been debated for years. Opponents generally feel that the inconvenience of administering it does not outweigh the benefits. Proponents of foliar feeding believe that nutrients are absorbed more efficiently through the leaves than through the roots. Opponents argue that the root system and not the leaves are designed to absorb nutrients.

However, studies have shown that nutrients are indeed absorbed in liquid form via the stomata and leaf scales. It is mainly Co2 (carbon dioxide) that is absorbed through the stomata. CO2 is necessary for photosynthesis(LINK). But nutrients can also be absorbed through these stomata. But most nutrient uptake takes place through the leaf scales. The leaf cuticle is full of tiny pores that take up nutrients and deliver them directly to their target organs. As a result, the plant will quickly rule on the nutrients supplied. Partly for this reason, leaf feeding is recommended in the event of a deficiency. The mobility of the nutrients depends, among other things, on the solubility of the concentrate, the molecule size of the elements and whether it is organic or inorganic. Organic solutions are better absorbed than inorganic ones.

We therefore recommend in case of a Calcium deficiency to make a foliar of Solid Green (1 to 2ml per Liter) in addition to the (temporary) increase of Solid Green (Calcium, Magnesium and Iron).

Application of Foliar Feed.

Foliar feeding is best given toward evening when the sun begins to set. Never spray in the middle of the day when the sun is at its hottest. Droplets that form on the leaf act like a lens. This can "burn" your plants. Therefore it is best to spray at the end of the day. If you are growing indoors under a grow light, spray preferably when the light has just gone out. The plant then goes into sleep mode. You have about 15 minutes before the plant goes completely into sleep mode. Use this time to spray. You can also start spraying earlier if you can dim your grow light. This will mimic sunset.ienen of Leaf Feeding.

Preferably spray with a high-pressure nozzle with a fine mist. Spray the plant completely and lightly. This prevents droplets from formed and run off the plant. Do not spray if the plant is in full bloom is in full bloom or when humidity is high. Flowers and fruits can rot from too high moisture content will rot. It is advisable when using foliar spray for the first time to It is recommended that when using foliar spray for the first time you test it on a small area.

Foliar feed is a welcome addition

Ook wij zijn van mening is dat bladvoeding wel degelijk kan bijdragen aan gezondere planten met meer opbrengst. Het is  geen vervanging van de  traditionele voedingsmethode via het wortelstelsel, maar een welkome aanvulling. Met name in periodes waarin er meer behoefte is naar bepaalde voedingsstoffen is het toedienen van bladvoeding aan te bevelen.

Such as during the early growth phase when there is a greater need for certain nutrients. During this period, budding and fruit setting take place. By responding to this with the right additional nutrients, more flower and fruit set will take place. This results in a more exuberant flowering with more flowers and fruits of a higher quality.

Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss

Gen1:11 has chosen to add a foliar feed to its range. Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss. This has been specially developed for the early flowering phase. We recommend using this product to obtain a more profuse flowering. Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss consists entirely of organic extracts. The unique nutrients obtained from these extracts give your plant a bloom boost with more bud formation and fruit set.

Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss bevat de volgende extracties;

Equisetum Arvenses (Horsetail); Contains silicon. Boosts the overall health of the plant. This makes the plant more resilient to stress factors. A healthy plant can use all its energy for further crop development.

Medicago Sativa (Lucerne, Alfalfa); Contains triacontanol, among other ingredients. This is a natural growth and flowering stimulator that gives early flowering a natural boost.

Valeriaan; A natural bloom stimulator that encourages early flowering.

Aloe VeraHas a stimulating effect on the plant and lowers the water tension so that the leaf nutrient flows out better. This makes it more absorbable by the leaf.