Foliar feeding as supplemental fertilization during bud formation

Die Versorgung der Pflanzen mit Nährstoffen durch Blattdünger ist eine gute ergänzende Methode der Ernährung. Dazu wird Flüssigdünger direkt auf die Blätter gegeben. Die primäre Methode der Nährstoffaufnahme von Pflanzen läuft über die Wurzeln. Dennoch kann die Blattdüngung in bestimmten Situationen mehrere Vorteile bieten. Die Nährstoffe werden direkt über die Blätter aufgenommen. Dies ist besonders in Zeiten schnellen Wachstums von Vorteil. Sie kann aber auch notwendig sein, wenn sich ein Mangel entwickelt hat, der sofort behoben werden muss. Die Pflanzen können schon nach wenigen Tagen Anzeichen einer Verbesserung zeigen, was sie zu einer wertvollen Strategie zur kurzfristigen Behebung von Mängeln macht.

Optimal timing of nutrients

Foliar feeding provides flexibility in the timing of nutrient application. This is especially advantageous during critical growth stages, such as early flowering or fruiting, where specific nutrient requirements may be higher. Gen1:11 has developed a foliar nutrient for this stage with its Foliar Bliss. Thanks to a mix of tuned organic extracts, bud formation is stimulated. This results in an exuberant bloom rich in flowers.

Gen111 Bladvoeding

Foliar feeding increases nutrient availability

Nutrients delivered through the leaf are readily available to plants where they are needed. Elements such as Calcium and Iron are immobile elements. These element do not move through the plant on their own, if at all. Transport occurs through the respiratory system. Many causes can impede or stop this system. Foliar feed with Calcium and Iron can then provide a quick solution. Gen1:11 Solid Green is specially developed to be applied as foliar as well. A special chelate suitable for foliar absorption has been used for this purpose.

Foliar feeding is not a substitute for soil fertilization

Foliar feeding definitely offers benefits but will never replace fertilization through the root system. Fertilization without foliar feeding does not cause problems. Foliar feeding without soil fertilization becomes a lot more problematic. A balanced approach involving both soil and foliar fertilization is often the most effective strategy for promoting plant health and maximizing yields.

Aplicar nutrición foliar durante la brotación

We understand that not everyone has the opportunity to apply foliar nutrition. The timing when growing indoors is not comfortable anyway. In fact, it is best to spray 30 minutes before the light goes on. At full light intensity, there is a risk of burning. The tiny droplets act as a magnifying glass. When growing outdoors, it's a little easier. Do not spray in full sun in the middle of the day. It is best to spray in the early morning, in cloudy weather or at sunset. Do this with a fine sprayer so that the nutrition is distributed nicely and gradually. Despite the minus points, we at Gen1:11 recommend using Foliar Bliss during the first bud formation. You supply the plant with extra energy where it needs it most now. This ensures an even more exuberant flowering. A rich bloom for an optimal harvest.

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