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  • Premium products of proven quality.
  • Increases the production and quality of your flowering plants.
  • A balanced fertilizer line full of organic additives.
  • Grows better, Blooms better, Tastes better.

Gen1:11 Rise Up - for a good start.

Promotes growth and development of the root system and young plant.
A healthy start for every crop. The best results start with a good start.

Organic Extracts:

Equisetum arvense: Contains Silicon - Boosts overall health and makes the plant resistant to stress factors
Salix alba: Contains Salicylic Acid and Auxin - Boosts overall health and promotes root development
Ascophyllum nodosum : Contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids and natural plant hormones.


N-P-K  4-3-0

(N) Nitrogen Total: 4,0%
(NH4-N) Ammoniacal-nitrogen : 2,3%
NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen: 1,7%
(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 3,1%

Gen1:11 Wholly Base - the basis of every growth.

A balanced base for every stage of cultivation.

Organic Extracts:

Fulvic Acid Improves the absorption and transport of nutrients.
Fulvic acid transports nutritional elements by binding to them and releasing them within the cell.


N-P-K+(S) 4-5-3+(2)

(N) Nitrogen Total: 4%
(NH2-N) Urea nitrogen: 1,6%
(NH4-N) Ammoniacal-nitrogen: 1,6%
(NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen: 0,8%
(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 3,1%
(K2O) Potassium oxide: 3,0%
(SO3) Sulfur trioxide: 2,1%

(B) Boron: 0,008%
(Cu) Copper: 0,004%
(Mn) Manganese: 0,010%
(Mo) Molybdenum:0,001%
(Zn) Zinc: 0,010%

Grow green, strong plants.  

Magnesium and iron make for green plants. More chlorophyll is more photosynthesis.
The engine of sugar production, the source of energy!
Calcium makes for thicker cell walls. Strong plants that can bear the fruit.

Special Ingredients:

Gen1:11 uses the most recent and the most absorbable form for the plant
of iron (Fe) namely the FeHBED.
The element iron (Fe) is needed by the plant only in a very small amount.
But when deficient, the consequences are enormous. Without iron, no photosynthesis.
FeHBED suppresses the absorption of Magnesium many times less than other Fe chelates. This prevents magnesium deficiency.


N-P-K+(Ca)-(Mg) 6-0-0+(9)-(2)

(N) Nitrogen Total: 6%
(NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen: 6%
(Ca) Urea nitrogen: 9,3%
(Mg) Ammoniacal-nitrogen: 2%
(Fe) Iron: 0,046% As HBED&IDHA chelate

Gen1:11 Early Flower - Promotes bud formation.  

More buds and fruit set thanks to Gen1:11 Early Flower.
Phosphorus and elements obtained from plant extracts give fruit deposition an optimal boost.

Organic Extracts:

Ascophyllum nodosum: Contains minerals, vitamins, amino acids and natural plant hormones.
Medicago Sativa: Contains Triacontanol. A stimulator that stimulates the development of flowering.
Amino acids Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. They are essential for energy metabolism.
During this period, your plant could use some extra energy. All biochemical processes run better as a result.
The plant can now better focus on developing flowers and fruits.


N-P-K  0-5-4

(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 5,0%
(K2O) Potassium oxide: 4,0%

Gen1:11 Bloom Big - Boosts flowering and ripens fruit.  

Flowers and fruits receive a growth boost and are optimally hardened.

Organic Extracts:

Medicago Sativa: Contains Triacontanol. A stimulator that stimulates the development of flowering.
Mineral Clay: Packed with minerals that produce hard and compact flowers and fruits


N-P-K  0-7-7

(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 6,5%
(K2O) Potassium oxide: 6,5%

Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss - Foliar nutrition for early flowering.

A blend of organic extracts that stimulates bud formation.

Organic Extracts:

Equisetum arvense: Contains Silicon - Boosts overall health and makes the plant resistant to stress factors
Medicago Sativa: Contains Triacontanol. A stimulator that stimulates the development of flowering.
Valeriaan extract: A natural bloom stimulator
Medicago Sativa: Contains Triacontanol. A stimulator that stimulates the development of flowering.
Aloe vera extract: In addition to its stimulating effect, this lowers the water tension allowing the leaf nutrition
can flow out better and be absorbed by the leaf.

nutrients with bio extracts for the best results

Surely you want to get the most out of your plants too.
With a harvest of excellent quality.

With Gen1:11 fertilizers, you are guaranteed to succeed in getting the most out of your creation.

Rich in organic additives!!!

Gen1:11 fertilizer contains all the essential elements your plant needs. In addition, the Organo mineral fertilizer line is enriched with a wide variety of organic extracts. Your plants are fed with organic Auxins, Gibbrelines, Silicon, Triacontanol, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Humates, among others. All of these elements have a favourable influence on the complex processes in the plant. Elements you cannot get from mineral fertilisers. Thanks to these additives, your creations thrive even better.

Thanks to organic additives!!!

  • Healthier plants
  • Healthier root structure
  • More stress resistant plants
  • Higher yields of better quality

Try Gen1:11 fertilizer, and you'll see it's good. Simple to use. For the motivated starter and the experienced user.
See that it is good



A higher yield of better quality with our unique products. These are distinguished by additions of organic extracts.


After many years of experience 'in the field', we have honed, improved, enriched our expertise for several larger companies. And we have become experts in the right mix. Experts

Why Work With Us?

Easy to use

Suitable for both experienced users and motivated beginners. We help you with tips and advice. We help your plant on its way, up. From the beginning, the genesis. Together we get more out of your creation.

Value for money

We did the science you do the math! Results exceed the investment many times over. Go for the best.

Gen1:11 Organo-Mineral fertilizers packed with organic extracts.

Whether you have an ornamental plant, a nice herb plant, a vegetable plant or a happy plant, Gen1:11 believes that creation should be the most important element of your cultivation. 

Because growing your own plants is craftsmanship. It takes time, energy, focus, attention, and maybe even love. 

At your own pace, in your own environment. You’re the maker. You’re the creator. 

It’s important to take care of everything. Temperature, humidity, light, and last but not least. Your nutrients.

Working with plants and nutrients is our passion. We have used our knowledge for big companies for many years. We refined, improved and enriched our knowledge.

Start cultivating. Be your own Creator

We became experts, with the trust and respect of growers. All over the world. 

And now we’re standing on our own feet. For you. For all Creators out there. With a smart range of nutrients. Enriched with unique natural extracts that will make your green dreams come true. 

From root to tip, from seed to bloom. Perfect for experienced cultivators and motivated starters.

We will be happy to support you with tips and advice. We’ll help you become a ‘creator’.

From the very beginning, the genesis of your creation. Give us a try. Start cultivating. 

Be your own Creator with Gen1: 11. And you will see that it is good.                 

See for yourself, try it.
  See that it is good.

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Complete organo-mineral nutrients line. From root to top. Enriched with various organic extracts. This makes the plant more stress resistant and nutrients are better absorbed.

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Organic slow-release nutrients specially developed for the 'outdoor' grower. Your fruit and flower bearing plants will do well with our outdoor products.

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