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Organo-mineral fertilisers including for tomatoes. peppers em medicinal cannabis

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Harness the full potential of your flowering plants with our unique organo-mineral fertilisers. Enriched with valuable biostimulants from organic extracts.

Organo mineral fertiliser The best for flowering plants
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  • Enriched with organic extractions
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Organo-mineral plant food is a combination of the best of both worlds. Specially developed for flowering and fruit-bearing plants. A completely balanced mineral plant food enriched with an amount of bio-stimulants obtained from organic extracts. These extracts contain nutrients that cannot be obtained from mineral nutrients alone. Only the best raw materials are used. This guarantees an ultimate end result of excellent quality.

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The basis of Gen1:11 Organo-mineral fertilisers.

Wholly Base contains all the macro- and micronutrients a plant needs in every growing and flowering phase, including Sulphate. In addition to the balanced base elements, we have added fulvic acid.

Fulvic acid improves nutrient absorption

Fulvinic acid, like humic acid, is a constituent of humus. It is formed organically as a result of long-term decomposition of organic matter. Fulvinic acid is the most water-soluble humic substance at any pH. Fulvinic acid has smaller molecules than humic acid. Therefore, it is easily transported through the cell membranes of plants. It acts as a chelate and transports nutrients through the plant. It improves nutrient absorption.

Some brands sell humic substances in separate bottles. We have included it in the Wholly Base so that you, the user, can enjoy the full benefits of using humic substances throughout the growing cycle.

We have not included the following macro- and micronutrients calcium, magnesium and iron in Wholly Base. You will find these in our Gen1:11 Solid Green.

Calmag + Fe the elements for strong and green plants

Solid Green contains the elements that make plants strong and green, Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and Iron (Fe). They are essential for photosynthesis. This is the process by which plants convert water(H2O) and carbon dioxide (CO2), under the influence of energy from light, into oxygen(O2) and sugars (glucose)(C6H12O6). One of the most important processes in the plant. This is partly why we consider these elements to be among the most important. You sometimes have to adjust these elements due to circumstances. In most cases, this is due to external factors such as humidity, temperature, air circulation and pH, which can influence absorption. Processing them separately in one product, instead of mixing them with other elements, makes it easier to dose these elements as needed.

Gen1:11 uses 2 forms of Iron chelate

Solid Green uses 2 chelated forms of red iron. This means that the iron is transported through the plant by the chelate. A non-chelated form of iron is difficult to be transported by plants. We use Fe-HBED, the most effective chelated form of iron available. And we use Fe-IDHA chelate. This is a biodegradable form and is designed for foliar application. By using these two forms of chelated iron, our Solid Green is suitable for any feeding technique, including foliar feeding.

Root stimulator, growth promoter and health booster

Gen1:11 Rise Up is a root stimulator, growth promoter and health booster in one. Its unique biostimulant-enriched formula ensures that your plants get a healthy start in the first phase, where the root structure is optimally developed. And a crop with a healthy start has the best chance of developing fully during the rest of the growing and flowering cycle.

A unique formula for a healthy start

This product with a unique formula contains the Macro-elements Nitrogen and Phosphorus. Nitrogen (N) promotes crop growth and phosphorus (P) mainly provides the energy to stimulate root growth at this stage. Biostimulants from organic extracts stimulate and support the processes for a healthy start. These include auxin and salicin from Salix Alba extraction and silica from Equisetum arvense. Find out more on the products page.

Flower booster for abundant flowering with more flowers and fruits

Gen1:11 Early Flower is a strong flowering booster that stimulates the development of flower buds during early flowering. It is deployed as soon as flower heads begin to form. For bud formation, the plant needs increased amounts of phosphorus (P). Phosphorus provides the energy needed by the crop to support this physiological development at this stage. 

Enriched with bio-stimulants and an extra dose of amino acids

Again, we use various Bio-stimulants. Including seaweed and Medicago Sativa extracts. One of these extracts contains Tracontanol (Tria). Triacontanol is a natural growth hormone. It regulates various developmental processes in the crop resulting in larger and better fruits that ensure higher yields of better quality. It also stimulates essential oil production.

In addition to amino acids from seaweed, we add an extra dose of amino acids during this phase. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and increase crop productivity by enhancing photosynthesis and increasing uptake of essential nutrients.

During this phase, we recommend using Gen1:11 Early Flower alongside Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss.

Bloom booster for large and compact flowers and fruits

For the final stage, we have developed Gen1:11 Bloom Big. A true Bloom Booster. The increased levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are essential for flower development (P) and maturation (K).

To increase overall growth at this stage, we have also added the extraction of 'Medicago Sativa' here. One of the elements from Medicago Sative is the natural growth promoter (TRIA) Triacontanol. Triacontanol increases the production of secondary metabolites. These plant protective substances contain mainly terpenes and resin, which has a positive effect on flavour and aroma.

Increases dry weight through more fibre

We have also added an organic mineral clay. This mineral clay contains more than 50% silica and other minerals such as calcium and magnesium. All this is to energise the plant for as long as possible, allowing the flowers to bloom fully. The silica helps strengthen cell walls by producing more fibre. This results in a denser and firmer end result with a higher dry weight.

Plant food suitable for all substrates and water systems

Suitable for all substrates and water systems

Best Fertiliser for tomatoos and legal cannabis

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Foliar Bliss foliar fertiliser for more budding and more flowers

Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss

Foliar Bliss is designed as a foliar feed for use during the early flowering stage. Foliar Bliss contains only organic extracts that give the plant extra stimulation during bud formation and early flowering. By administering the extracts via foliar feeding, the active ingredients are delivered exactly where you want them. 

CalMag calcium magnesium used everywhere needed

Gen1:11 CalMag

Use Gen1:11 CalMag with soft or filtered water to increase the starter water to an EC of 0.4 EC. Together with Gen1:11 Solid Green Hard Water can be used with soft water, hard water, filtered water or rainwater. Read more in our blog. 

Solid Green Hard Water Solution for use with hard water

Gen1:11 Solid Green Hard Water

Feeding plants in comnination with hard water can sometimes be a challenge. Calcium excesses react with other nutrients, causing deficiencies. In combination with Gen1:11 CalMag, you can master all water types. Read more in our blog.

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