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Gen1:11 Organo-mineral Nutrients

Gen1:11 Organo-mineral nutrients is a uniquely balanced plant nutrient line enriched with carefully selected organic extracts. During each growth and flowering stage, the added organic extracts deliver nutrients that a mineral fertilizer cannot. Your plants will be provided with organic Auxins, Gibberellines, Silicon, Triacontanol, Vitamins, Amino Acids, Humates, etc., among other nutrients.

Getting your vegetable, fruit, herb and flower garden to flourish takes time, attention and know-how. Gen 1:11 provides you with the right knowledge and nourishment, at every step. Our products are developed with a solid background in food technology used in the high-value cultivation of medicinal crops and others. Gen1:11 is now sharing that knowledge with you. It's time to start creating. It's time to put some natural science into your soil. It's time for the products of Gen1:11

Gen1:11 Rise Up wortelstimulator en groeistimuator met organische extracties

Rise Up

Gen1:11 Rise-up. Everything your plant needs for a good start. Nitrogen(N) for the growth of the shoot. Phosphor(P) and organic auxins for the development of the roots. Furthermore, the vitamins, silicon, micro nutrients and amino acids from organic extracts will make the plant health. A healthy start for a healthy future. Bring your creation to life with the Gen1:11 Rise-up

N-P-K  4-3-0

(N) Nitrogen Total: 4,0%
(NH4-N) Ammoniacal-nitrogen : 2,3%
NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen: 1,7%
(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 3,1%

Organic Extracts:
Equisetum arvense extract: 1,0%
Salix alba extract: 1,0%
Ascophyllum nodosum extract: 1,0%

Wholly Base

Gen1:11 Wholly Base contains all basic elements that your plant needs for its full cycle. Strengthen the foundation and optimise the growth and bloom of your creation. The biological process is enriched by essential trace minerals. Supports every phase with the necessary mix of macro and micro nutrients. Get the most out of your creation. Gen1:11 Wholly Base. The base of every creation.Gen1:11 Wholly Base contiene tutti gli elementi di base di cui la pianta ha bisogno durante tutto il suo ciclo di vita. Fortificane la base, e ottimizza la crescita e la fioritura della tua creazione. I minerali in tracce essenziali arricchiranno il processo biologico. Controlla ogni fase di vita della pianta somministrando il giusto mix di macro e micronutrienti. Rendi perfetta la tua creazione. Gen1:11 Wholly Base. La base per realizzare ogni creazione.

N-P-K+(S) 4-5-3+(2)

(N) Nitrogen Total: 4%
(NH2-N) Urea nitrogen: 1,6%
(NH4-N) Ammoniacal-nitrogen: 1,6%
(NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen: 0,8%
(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 3,1%
(K2O) Potassium oxide: 3,0%
(SO3) Sulfur trioxide: 2,1%

(B) Boron: 0,008%
(Cu) Copper: 0,004%
(Mn) Manganese: 0,010%
(Mo) Molybdenum:0,001%
(Zn) Zinc: 0,010%

Organic Extracts:
Fulvic Acid 3%

Gen1:11 Wholly Base gen one eleven nutrients

Solid Green

Gen1:11 Solid Green – Nourish your plants with the most powerful sources of nutrients. Calcium has a lot of important functions in numerous processes. But the most important feature is that it makes your plant strong. Magnesium and iron are essential for the process of photosynthesis, for instance. One of the most essential processes in the plant. The engine that transforms light into sugars. The source of energy. Gen1:11 Solid Green is also suitable for mixing with the foliage nutrition Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss. You decide. You create. Grow green, grow strong, grow fast with Gen1:11 Solid Green.

N-P-K+(Ca)-(Mg) 6-0-0+(9)-(2)

(N) Nitrogen Total: 6%
(NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen: 6%
(CaO)Calcium Oxide: 9,3%
(MgO) Magnesium Oxide: 2%
(Fe) Iron: 0,046% As HBED&IDHA chelate

Early Flower

Gen1:11 Early Flower - An abundance of flower buds thanks to this unique formula. Your creation will be nourished with triacontanol, amino acids and vitamins, among other things. These substances are provided through various organic extracts. And they will make your creation grow many buds early on. Healthy buds, for a beautiful end result. Create your own abundant blooms with a boost from Gen1:11 Early Flower. And your plant will bloom!

N-P-K  0-5-4

(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 5,0%
(K2O) Potassium oxide: 4,0%

Organic Extracts:

Amino Acid extract: 2,5%
Ascophyllum nodosum extract: 1,5%
Alfalfa extract: 1,0%

Gen1:11 Early Flower
Gen1:11 Bloom-Big

Bloom Big

Boost flowering and harden the fruits. Grow hard and dense.

Gen1:11 Bloom Big – In this phase, the buds will start to bloom and ripen. The mix of macro elements and organic additions send all the energy to where you need it during the last phase of the blooming period. Support your creation during the last phase, with the right nutrients. Boost the bloom and ripen your flowers and fruit. Bloom big and bloom fast with Gen1:11 Bloom Big. 

N-P-K  0-7-7

(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 6,5%
(K2O) Potassium oxide: 6,5%

Organic Extracts:
Mineral Clay: 2,5%
Alfalfa extract: 1,0%

Foliar Bliss

Gen 1:11 Foliar Bliss is a mix of organic extracts, and was specifically developed for the early bloom phase. The concentrated extracts contain triacontanol, silicon, vitamins, amino acids, and macro and micro elements, among other things. Make your plant more resistant and stress-proof, so that it can use all its energy for the development of flowers and fruit. Including a natural wetting agent for ideal absorption through the leaf. Your plant will be Happy with Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss

Organic Extracts:

Equisetum arvense: 1,0 %
Valeriaan extract: 1,0 %
Alfalfa extract: 1,0 %
Aloe vera extract: 0,5%

Gen111 best nutrients for flowering plant.