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Gen1:11 Organo-mineral Nutrients

Gen1:11 Organo-mineral nutrients is a unique balanced plant nutrient line enriched with carefully selected organic extracts. During each growth and flowering stage, the added organic extracts deliver nutrients that a mineral fertiliser cannot. Your plants are supplied with organic Auxins, Gibberellin, Silicon, Triacontanol, Vitamins, Amino acids, Humates, etc., among others.

All components are optimally adapted to consistently provide the plant with the right nutrients. The entire line consists of just five products. It is a combination of mineral and natural components, in our opinion the best combination. Easy to use for the novice and experienced grower.

Gen1:11 Wholly Base de meest complete basis plantenvoeding

A balanced basic fertiliser.
To be used during each phase.
From seed to flower!

Gen1:11 Wholly Base

Complete basic plant nutrients

Except for the elements in Gen1:11 Solid Green, Gen1:11 Wholly Base contains all the basic elements your plant needs throughout the entire cycle. Strengthen the foundation and optimise the growth and flowering of your creation. Essential trace elements enrich the biological process. Accompany each stage with the appropriate mix of macro and micro nutrients. Gen1:11 Wholly Base contains fulvinic acid created by the natural breakdown of dead organic matter. Fulvinic acid acts as a chelate that binds to essential nutrients and transports them through the crop. This significantly improves the uptake of all nutrients, even under less favourable conditions. It boosts crop development which we have deliberately added to the base so that you benefit from this growth enhancer during every phase of growth and flowering.

N-P-K+(S) 4-5-3+(2)

(N) Nitrogen as
(NH2-N) Urea nitrogen
(NH4-N) Ammoniacal-nitrogen
(NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen
(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide
(K2O) Potassium oxide
(SO3) Sulfur trioxide

(B) Boron
(Cu) Copper: 
(Mn) Manganese: 
(Mo) Molybdenum:
(Zn) Zinc: 

Fulvic Acid

Solid Green Calcium Magnesium en IJzer

The most essential elements for
strong and green plants with
optimal photosynthesis.

Grow green, grow strong and grow compact.

Gen1:11 Solid Green

Calcium, Magnesium en IJzer

Gen1:11 Solid Green, together with Gen1:11 Wholly Base, completes the base nutrition throughout the cycle. Feed your plants with the most powerful sources. Calcium has many functions within numerous processes. But it particularly ensures a strong plant. Magnesium and iron, among others, are indispensable for the photosynthesis process. One of the most essential processes in the plant. The engine that converts light into sugars. The source of energy. The nutrients in Gen1:11 Solid Green are one of the most important elements for optimal growth and flowering. The dosage is easy to adjust if conditions demand it.
Iron absorption is guaranteed by the 2 forms of Iron Chelate we use. This is because a non-chelated form of Iron is not absorbable by the crop. Fe-HBED is an Iron chelate with the highest possible uptake certainty within the widest pH spectrum available. In addition, we use Fe-IDHA chelate. This is very suitable for use as a foliar feed. So you can also use it as a spray and can be mixed with Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss.

N-P-K+(Ca)-(Mg) 6-0-0+(9)-(2)

(N) Nitrogen as
(NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen
(CaO)Calcium Oxide
(MgO) Magnesium Oxide
(Fe) Iron as HBED & IDHA chelate

Wortelstimulator, groeiversterker en gezondheidsbooster Rise Up De beste start

Root stimulator, growth enhancer
and health booster. All in one.

For a healthy start with
strong root growth!

Gen1:11 Rise Up

Root stimulator, growth enhancer and health booster

Gen1:11 Rise Up everything your plant needs for a good start. is given alongside basic fertiliser during the vegetative phase (18 hours of light) and during the first 2 weeks of the flowering phase (12 hours of light). It boosts development both below ground and above ground. It has been developed as a root stimulator and as a growth enhancer. Nitrogen (N) promotes growth and phosphorus (P) provides the energy to stimulate root growth during this phase.

Added Bio-stimulants further enhance root development as well as overall crop health.

Root stimulation is enhanced by auxins obtained from extractions, also known as Indole-3-butyric acid (IBA). Many growers use bacteria to stimulate root growth. This is because these bacteria produce auxins that are ultimately the root stimulant.

Besides Auxin, salicin is also extracted. Salicin strengthens the crop's immune system and is the natural form of salicylic acid found in aspirin. Aspirin is inspired by salicin from natural sources. In the form of aspirin, it is a synthetic PGR (Plant Growth Regulator) and is banned. Salicin is the natural Biostimulant and is a real health booster.

In addition, we use seaweed extract (Ascophyllum Nodosum). Seaweed is used because of its natural presence of growth hormones, vitamins, amino acids, carbohydrates and trace elements. The use of this seaweed in plant nutrition is not unique but very effective. That is why there are several nutritional lines that use them in their products. There are also nutrition lines they offer as a separate product Alga Gro (Plagron) Seaweed (Terra Aquatic) Alg-A-Mic (Bio-Bizz). We chose to add seaweed extract to Gen1:11 Rise Up and Gen1:11 Early Flower. This allows you to benefit from the unique properties of this extraction from the very beginning until well into the flowering phase.  

N-P-K  4-3-0

(N) Nitrogen as
(NH4-N) Ammoniacal-nitrogen
NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen
(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide

Equisetum arvense extract
Salix alba extract
Ascophyllum nodosum extract 

Gen1:11 Early Flower voor een uitbundige bloei en knopvorming

Creates abundant flower buds. For a stunning end result.

Gen1:11 Early FLower

Flowering stimulator for abundant blooms

Gen1:11 Early Flower - An explosion of flower buds thanks to its unique formula. This flowering stimulator is used as soon as the first flower buds begin to form. For bud formation, the plant needs an increased amount of phosphorus (P). This is because phosphorus provides the energy the plant needs to support this physiological development during this phase. To achieve exuberant flowering, we again use biostimulants. Thanks to biostimulants obtained from organic extraction, the crop is fed with triacontanol, amino acids, protein, carbohydrates and vitamins, among others.

Seaweed, amino acids and Medicago Sativa.

Again, we use seaweed (Ascophyllum Nodosum) and it gives an energy boost to the development to the formation of flower buds. Amino acids are also found in Ascophyllum Nodosum. However, we have added an extra dose of organic amino acids. Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins and hormones, regulate water balance and increase overall crop productivity. This is to maintain all energy sources as much as possible and support flower development as much as possible.

Natural growth hormone Triacontanol (TRIA)

The extraction of Medicago Sativa contains Triacontanol (Tria). This plant hormone regulates many developmental processes in plants. At this stage, it contributes to exuberant bud formation. Triacontanol affects many aspects of growth and results in higher yields, larger and better fruit and flower size and quality, and the production of essential oils. 

Besides Gen1:11 Early Flower, we also recommend using Gen1:11 Foliar Bliss during early flowering.  

N-P-K  0-5-4

(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide
(K2O) Potassium oxide

Amino Acid extract
Ascophyllum nodosum extract
Medicago Sativa

Gen1:11 Bloom big, grow big buds and grow hard

Enlarges flowers and hardens fruits. Grow large, hard and compact.

Gen1:11 Bloom Big

The best Bloombooster for large and mature flowers

N-P-K  0-7-7

(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide
(K2O) Potassium oxide

Mineral Clay
Medicago Sativa

Gen1:11 Bloom Big - You are now at the stage where the buds obtained will flower and mature. The mix of macro elements and organic additives send all the energy where you want it in the final stage of flowering. Accompany your creation in the final stage with the right nutrients. Boost flowering and ripen your flowers and fruits. Bloom big, bloom hard with Gen1:11 Bloom Big. 

For the final stage, we have developed Bloom Big. A true Bloom Booster. In this phase, the buds start flowering and maturing. The increased levels of phosphorus (P) and potassium (K) are essential for flower development (P) and maturation (K).

To increase overall growth at this stage, we again added "Medicago Sativa." Triacontanol (TRIA) is a natural general growth promoter and it stimulates the production of secondary metabolites. As a result, the plant produces more protective defense substances such as resins and terpenes.

In addition, we have also added a natural mineral clay. This mineral clay contains more than 50% silica and other minerals such as calcium and magnesium. All this to give the plant energy for as long as possible, so the flowers can bloom fully. The silica helps strengthen cell walls by producing more and larger fibres. This results in a more compact and sturdy final result, with a higher dry weight.

Growth chart Gen1:11 Best plant nutrients for flowering and fruiting plants
The best fertilisers for flowering plants. Organo-mineral