Organo mineral fertiliser The best for flowering plants

Organo-Mineral Nutrients

Organo-mineral nutrients. The best plant nutrition for your flowering plants. All essential elements enriched with organic extracts. This makes the plant more stress resistant and nutrients are better absorbed. Feed your culture optimally from root to tip with Gen1:11 products.


Foliar feeding Hard Water solution Calmag Gen1:11 additives


Gen1:11 has a number of additives that can be used at special times and in exceptional circumstances. For instance, you can use leaf nutrients for more bud formation during early flowering, or use our 'hard water' solution in case you only have hard water to feed your plants.


Best fertilisers available for your outdoor plants

Slow-Release outdoor 'Guerilla' voeding

Organic slow-release nutrition specially developed for the 'outdoor' grower. Your fruit and flower bearing plants will do well with our outdoor products. All nutrients are released over a long period of time. The effect is 10 to 12 weeks

Gen1:11 is 100% free of PGRs

All Gen1:11 products are free of PGRs (Plant Growth Regulators). PGRs are synthetic growth regulators that can affect plant growth and development. In horticulture, PGRs can be used to achieve specific goals. Read more about in our blog why it's better to avoid synthetic PGRs and why we only use biostimulants in our products.

Geen PGR's gebruikt. Vrij van PGR's. 100% PGR-VRIJ

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The best fertiliser brand for your flowering plants Gen1:11 nutrients
Kweken met organo-minerale meststoffen verrijkt met biostimulanten

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