Rise Up

Root & Shoot Stimulator

Gen1:11 Rise-up. Everything your plant needs for a good start. Nitrogen(N) for the growth of the shoot. Phosphor(P) and organic auxins for the development of the roots. Furthermore, the vitamins, silicon, micro nutrients and amino acids from organic extracts will make the plant health. A healthy start for a healthy future. Bring your creation to life with the Gen1:11 Rise-up

Rise Up is part of the Gen1:11 Organo-mineral Nutrient line. Can be used with Soil, Coco and Hydro.


N-P-K  4-3-0

(N) Nitrogen Total: 4%
(NH4-N) Ammoniacal-nitrogen : 2,3%
(NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen: 1,7%
(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 3,1%

Organic Extracts:

Equisetum arvense
Salix alba
Ascophyllum nodosum

Store in closed container in a cool, dark place. 7- 30°C.
Shake before use