Bloom Big

Grow big, grow hard & grow dense

Gen1:11 Bloom Big – In this phase, the buds will start to bloom and ripen. The mix of macro elements and organic additions send all the energy to where you need it during the last phase of the blooming period. Support your creation during the last phase, with the right nutrients. Boost the bloom and ripen your flowers and fruit. Bloom big and bloom fast with Gen1:11 Bloom Big.

Gen1:11 Bloom Big is part of the Gen1:11 Organo mineral fertilizer line. Can be used with Earth, Cocos and Hydro.



N-P-K 0-7-7

(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 6,5%
(K2O) Potassium oxide: 6,5%

Medicago Sativa extract
Mineral Clay

Store in closed container in a cool, dark place. 7- 30°C.
Shake before use