Wholly Base

All the elements for a healthy foundation. From start to harvest

Gen1:11 Wholly Base contains all basic elements that your plant needs for its full cycle. Strengthen the foundation and optimise the growth and bloom of your creation. The biological process is enriched by essential trace minerals. Supports every phase with the necessary mix of macro and micro nutrients. Get the most out of your creation. Gen1:11 Wholly Base. The base of every creation.

Gen1:11 Wholly Base is part of the Gen1:11 Organo mineral plant nutrient line. Can be used with Earth, Cocos and Hydro.


N-P-K+(S) 4-5-3+(2)

(N) Nitrogen Total: 4%
(NH2-N) Urea nitrogen: 1,6%
(NH4-N) Ammoniacal-nitrogen: 1,6%
(NO3-N) Nitrate nitrogen: 0,8%
(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 3,1%
(K2O) Potassium oxide: 3,0%
(SO3) Sulfur trioxide: 2,1%

(B) Boron: 0,008%
(Cu) Copper: 0,004%
(Mn) Manganese: 0,010%
(Mo) Molybdenum:0,001%
(Zn) Zinc: 0,010%

Organic Extracts:

Store in closed container in a cool, dark place. 7- 30°C.
Shake before use