Outdoor Bloom

Slow-release Organic fertilizer voor de buitenteelt

Gen1:11 Outdoor Bloom has an increased potassium content and is specially developed for the reproductive phase. The balanced mix of macronutrients promote flowering. Together with the secondary macronutrients Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and Sulphur (S) they guarantee higher yields with more dry weight. Other organic additives pamper your plants with minerals, chelates and micronutrients. With Gen1:11 Outdoor Bloom you get more, bigger and more compact flowers. Food products taste better. And flowering ornamentals get more intense fragrance and color. Bloom hard, bloom compact with Gen1:11 Outdoor Bloom

Volledige meststof met langzame afgifte van vroege bloei tot oogst


(N) Nitrogen Total: 2,8%
(P2O5) Phosphorus pentoxide: 2,4%
(K2O) Potassium oxide: 8,8%
(CaO) Calcium oxide: 8,8%
(MgO) Magnesium Oxide: 4,0%
(SO3) Sulfur trioxide: 4,8%
Organic Matter: 44%