NPK - De basis van je voeding

The role of primary macronutrients during various stages of growth.

Do you want to achieve a good yield?
Then it's a good idea to take a closer look at N-P-K ratios. The concept of N-P-K is not rocket science. These 3 letters stand for the 3 primary macro elements. Nitrogen (N,) phosphorus (P) and potassium (K). The numbers you'll often see next to them represent the concentration of the element in the product.

When should I give which elements? 

It is important to add the right nutrients, in the right amount at the right time to the feed water.  Besides these primary macronutrients, the plant also needs secondary macronutrients and micronutrients. We limit ourselves in this topic to the NPKs

Gen One Eleven

Bloom Big has an NPK 0-7-7 and is a real bloom booster that ensures the ripening of the crop.

Each phase has different needs

During the different stages of growth, the plant needs different nutrients. Depending on the stage the plant is in, it will need a varied amount of each macro-nutrient.   

Tijdens het begin van de vegetatieve groei heeft de plant voornamelijk behoefte aan stikstof (N), voor de groei en fosfor (P), voor de ontwikkeling van de wortels. Later tijdens de vegetatieve groei zal fosfor meer verbruikt worden als energie bron tijdens de groei.

A booster used during vegetative growth will therefore have a higher Nitrogen(N) and phosphorus(P) content. Gen1:11 Rise Up has an N-P-K ratio of 4-3-0.  It is a true root stimulator that also gives a boost to the shoot. Rise Up does not make use of Potassium(K). The required amount of this element the plant needs comes from the base nutrient. Gen1:11 Wholly Base

During the early flowering phase, there is a greater need for increased amounts of phosphorus (P). These are needed for the production of bud formation. The more buds, the more flowers or fruits your plant will produce.

At this stage, nitrogen(N) becomes less important. The plant has now had its greatest growth. Gen1:11 Early Flower has been developed especially for this phase. It has an NPK of 0-5-4. As you can see this product contains no nitrogen(N). The required nitrogen(N) comes from the basic nutrient.

Now your plant has arrived at the final stage of its life cycle. The late bloom phase. Buds have formed and are beginning to develop into flowers or fruits. There is now a need for potassium (K). This greatly increases fruit production. In addition, Potassium also contributes to the strength of the cell wall and the overall health of the plant.  The fruits and flowers will ripen and harden better thanks to Potassium(K). Gen.1:11 Big Bloom is a real bloom booster and ripening product with an NPK of 0-7-7.

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NPK - The basis of your plant nutrition. But what do they stand for?